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You have options when deciding where and how you will have your custom component parts manufactured. As a top-rated global sourcing company, Axia may be your best option, based upon your specific needs. You may choose to contract manufacturing directly with an overseas factory, handling all of the manufacturing management, communications, quality inspections, customs, logistics, and shipping yourself. Intercontinental Funding is uniquely positioned to provide you with the lowest sustainable price, guaranteed highest quality, on-time delivery, and consistent reliability. Our services are scalable, allowing to use all of our services, just product sourcing, or any combination of services that you need most.

Manufacturing and Product Sourcing Services

Why Us ?


Intercontinental Funding and its employees are committed to meeting customer and legal requirements in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
We will always strive to provide quality products and services on time and continually improve our Quality Management System.


To provide our customers with the best possible price, quality and timetable for their products through exceptional options and transparency.


To be at the forefront of creating value for our customers by offering quality products with unmatched transparency, flexibility, and customer service.